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What Makes Us Successful   ♦   Our Marketing Approach   ♦   Networks & Affiliations   ♦   Online Presence   ♦   Fine Properties International

Expertise in all Price Ranges


Here's where we begin and end. We're only as good as our agents, but do they ever make us proud! They average 15+ years in the real estate profession and are known for their unmatched integrity and expertise. We carefully select each agent on their ability and willingness to be collegial, trustworthy, and to put you, our client, first.


Wow! That's usually the reaction. We sell more homes north of $2M than any company (of any size) in the markets we serve, with record performances in every price category. Our average sales per agent are also higher than any other company in the Capital Region, in fact, in the Nation.

No joke. For the last three years we have had the Highest Average Sales Volume per agent and the Highest Average Sales Price in the Nation, according to RealTrends, the national gatekeeper of statistics in residential real estate.

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Not only do we go out of our way to support each other here at WFP, we also maintain strong relationships with fellow real estate professionals in our market area. Through extensive networking, we put the latest market information to work for you, our client. Our commitment to professionalism in everything we do is one of our founding principles.


Some have called our marketing ubiquitous. Others have called it powerful. We like to call it effective. We believe in being consistent and recognizable in our markets, and allowing our brand to work for you. We'll bring your home maximum exposure--- locally, regionally, nationally, internationally--- and help you achieve your highest and best sale. Put simply, we offer consistent, highly effective campaigns, tailored specifically to your property.


Proven and tested, we have you covered locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Our affiliations create a distinct advantage in a highly competitive market, providing exposure for our properties to the world's finest quality sources of buyers in the luxury real estate marketplace.


Try us out! We are "on top of the market" with the most advanced property search features, no matter where you surf. Try out our different ways of searching for a property to see which is best for you. We think you'll agree that no one lets you search for a home with as little effort and as much fun as WFP... and be sure to take a look at our Exclusives.