Robert Hryniewicki

TITLE: Sales Associate
DIRECT: 202-.243-1620


A neighbor recommended HRL Partners to me. I asked them and several other real estate agents to compete for the listing.

HRL Partners won the listing. They carefully answered each written question asked and did several walkthroughs of the property, so they could be sure that they understood the scope of and expected cost of improvements to prepare our home for sale.

They also agreed to shoulder the responsibility of recommending and mostly managing the bids and contractors who prepared my home for sale. HRL Partners' many sales in the area meant strong relationships with affordable vendors. These contractors (painters, carpenters, floorers, carpet layers, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, and others) were, because of their relationship with HRL Partners, responsive, available, and fast. They knew how to ready a home for sale—quickly fixing scores of defects that had accumulated over 55 years.

HRL Partners delivered on their promises. I am grateful for their efforts and extremely satisfied with their services. They made sure that my next steps were clear and that I had plenty of time to prepare for them. They provided a calendar so I could keep abreast of events and gave me regular updates to keep me informed and on-schedule throughout the process.

Because HRL Partners is a partnership, one of the partners was always available to manage the contractors, answer questions, and promptly respond to emails. They were friendly and dependable, answering calls immediately and quickly enlisting experts if they could not answer questions themselves.

Their attention to detail resulted in a sale that was swift, smooth, and concluded successfully.

I strongly recommend HRL Partners.

April Wilson

We recently completed the sale of our home in Northwest DC and are extremely happy with the professional support we received from Robert Hryniewicki, Adam Rackliffe, Christopher Leary, Micah Smith, and the entire HRL team. The process went smoothly, and we were well advised and informed every step of the way.

This is not the first time we have worked with the HRL team, as our relationship spans over 12 years. During that time, they helped us sell our home in Bethesda, sell a condominium we owned in DC, and purchase and sell our home in DC.

All the transactions with the HRL team have exceeded our expectations. With this sale, the team’s knowledge of the market, professional advice on staging the home, data-based approach to setting the listing price, expansive marketing platform, expert and professional negotiating skills, and pro-active follow-through to the closing were quite impressive. In addition, you get the complete attention of the whole team. They all are informed of each stage of the transaction and work together seamlessly. I believe they are the best real estate partners and advisors in the Washington, DC, area.

Steve & MaryBeth Swad

We cannot say enough positive things about our experience working with the entire HRL team. It is without a doubt because of their market intelligence and strategy that we were able to win our dream home in what was a very competitive listing. They were clear with what we could expect from the competition and offered multiple strategies to help our offer stand apart. Robert and team worked above and beyond to over-communicate with the various parties involved in our closing. It gave us comfort to know they were on top of the entire process to ensure we were able to close on a very competitive timeline. This was much appreciated, since we had a newborn and toddler at home making it challenging at times to stay on top of everything. Overall, working with them was a wonderful experience, and we are eager to recommend them to anyone looking for a team that is going to bring deep market knowledge, high organization, and hustle to get the home of your dreams. We are thrilled to be able to raise our family in the exact neighborhood we had our eyes on from the beginning and thank HRL for making that possible.

Adela & Jon Bateman

I was tasked with selling my sister’s house. I researched all of the agents in the area, and HRL Partners stood out in every respect! From their first presentation to the end of the process, everything went smoothly. They helped me find all the vendors I needed to get the house ready for sale, which included everything from window washers to cleaning, and structural repair. They were available every time I had a question and always responded promptly. In the end, the house sold above asking price in 5 days. I could not have been happier!

Debbie Dusault

HRL partners helped us sell our house, and we could not be happier. Their level of professionalism and knowledge of our market were unparalleled. From the excellent market analysis with input from almost a dozen agents in their network, to the detailed knowledge of every house for sale, they exuded confidence and provided us with cogent advice and set expectations perfectly. It’s especially important to have someone like HRL represent you when market conditions are uncertain, and you need real experts who can read things in real time. They were incredibly responsive and helpful. They would be at the house in minutes if we needed anything. Hats off to these guys. We can’t imagine you can find someone better.

Katarina & Thomas Charuhas

I have just completed the sale of my apartment with the assistance of HRL Partners and want to express the complete satisfaction I have with their work. Satisfaction does not adequately express my reaction to their professionalism. They exceeded my expectations in every respect. I felt as if my particular listing had their constant attention. Communication was easy and rapid with one of the partners always available and ready to do whatever was needed. They kept me informed of every interaction with prospective buyers. Their advice regarding pricing and staging was right-on. Their frequent written reports on the local real estate market were very informative. They were personable, easy to work with, and are consummate pros.

Dr. William Kramer

I just completed a home purchase and home sale with Chris here in Northwest DC, and I could not have been more impressed with him and the entire team. From start to finish, they were strategic and effective, providing valuable counsel at every turn. They brought a positive, pragmatic, problem-solving approach to every question I had. My purchase and sale both went incredibly smoothly, and I attribute all of that to Chris’ management of each transaction. They were responsive, hard-working, and unflappable. I am so glad I worked with this team, and I will forever be grateful for all of their counsel and support!

Eric Schultz

Because of work, we moved back to Europe after having spent nearly a decade in Washington, DC. We had come to love our house and worried a bit about the complexities of putting a property on the market while living in another continent. When we first met the HRL team we were impressed by their knowledge of the market and their vast experience; literally, there was not a question we posed for which they did not have a well-formulated reply and the data, charts, and figures to back their answer. In those rare instances when there was a slight difference of view (e.g., should we repaint the window shutters a darker color than the beige we had grown used to?), they pressed their case with firmness and solid arguments which led us to defer to their judgment with the confidence that we were in the hands of true professionals. Once the house was on the market, we would be kept informed regularly about visits and open houses and were given other useful statistics about developments in the market for properties like ours. We were particularly impressed that they did not operate with a lockbox; for every single visit to the property, one of the partners would be present, arriving to the property beforehand to make sure that it showed well, that the lights were on, the house spotlessly clean, and that they would be on hand to answer any questions that might come up from potential buyers. The HRL team used its contacts with the editor of the Washington Post´s Real Estate supplement to get the paper to publish a full-length article with photographs about our house, its interesting history, and superb location. This is an example of what we would call “above and beyond the call of duty” and reflects a dedication to their job and a degree of professionalism seldom seen in dealings with people working in areas that involve the provision of services to clients. If work takes us back to Washington in the coming years, without hesitation, we will go to the HRL team to help us locate a new property.

Augusto & Mirta Lopez-Claros

Our out-of-state family needed to find a new home in the DC area quickly. Not only were we in a time crunch, we also wanted to love what we’d buy. During one of our short trips to the area, we made an appointment with HRL to lay out what we were looking for and see if we were a fit. Our initial meeting with Robert and Adam was exceptionally informative—we were blown away by the level of attention and detail they provided, given this was an introductory meeting. The team pulled up scores of recent listings that they believed might be of interest and spent almost two hours walking us through the details of each property and sharing with us their assessment of each sale to help us begin to understand the market better and to customize our property search. From that day on, they kept us in the loop about every relevant property that came on the market, was about to be listed, and even several off-market properties for which they facilitated contact with the seller and a private tour. They put together an extensive itinerary of properties for us to view each time we visited (often on short notice) and really listened and responded to our feedback.

Having been in the industry for many years, they are true experts with a keen sense of the DMV real estate market and its ever-changing dynamics, an asset that cannot be overstated, especially in the pandemic times and in this highly competitive market. Their professionalism, sophistication, and breadth and depth of knowledge are truly unmatched. They are also exceptionally connected, meaning you’ll get the inside scoop on properties you won’t get from your average real estate agency. While working with us, they were able to accurately estimate how fast a property would sell and at what price. They shared their thoughts on quality, pricing, and value, and devoted many emails and phone calls to helping us develop a strategy once we were ready to make an offer. Robert, Adam, and Chris dedicate themselves fully to finding the perfect home for their clients and we grew to really trust their expertise. When Robert conveyed he was unenthusiastic about a property we liked, we listened and ended up with a much better home a few weeks later, as he had predicted. Once we put an offer on the house that is now our home, the sale negotiation that HRL mediated was beyond smooth, and the team remained engaged and helpful well past the closing date.

Bottom line—with HRL, you’ll get undivided attention and intel you’re unlikely to get elsewhere. They will find you the home you’ll love and work with you and the seller to negotiate the best possible price, while making sure your offer is still the winning offer.

Magda & Safi B.

The entire team was fantastic. This was not an easy home sale or situation, as it involved a trust account, a tenant, and a number of updates to the home. Adam ran point on a lot of this, and he deserves a lot of credit. He was patient, diligent, and amazingly organized. The entire team is always professional, friendly, and very direct. We were able to achieve multiple offers above our asking price. Every time we hit a bump, they knew exactly what to do and how to maneuver through it. I couldn't have asked for a better group to work with and a better experience and outcome. I began working with Robert nearly 20 years ago, and there is no reason to look elsewhere. Thanks to the entire HRL Team!

Rick Del Sontro

We are blown away by the level of service, savviness, and knowledge Chris and his team (specifically Adam and Micah) have demonstrated. We came to Chris after relocating from out of state with just a vision of our next chapter. From the moment we spoke, Chris was laser-focused on understanding our lifestyle and committed to delivering a home that was perfect for us and not just any client. HRL left no stone unturned and kept a close eye on properties that might be of interest but had not hit the MLS.

Ultimately, this market knowledge resulted in our purchase of a beautiful and highly sought-after home in Wesley Heights. From offer to close, Chris aggressively negotiated and anticipated every turn in order to secure this home within 24 hours of the MLS listing. I thought I was meticulous but then I met Chris. He has a superb attention to detail, top-notch communication, excellent follow-through and an impeccable fashion sense. It would be a complete oversight on my part not to mention the latter! Joking aside, to this day (three months after close), Chris has not forgotten about an open item and is still following up on our behalf. One word – AMAZING!

This wonderful home will be the place our baby daughter will spend her childhood, and we are grateful to the HRL team for finding such an incredible place to create lifelong memories. You guys truly are the best!

Jennie & Mike Radu

You guys were the most professional, competent, organized brokerage team I have ever seen. We do not have an analog to this in Chicago. I would recommend you to anybody, and I regret that for even one fleeting minute last year I was actually considering [another real estate team].

Thank you for everything. I was going to recommend that the title agent leave a tip on the brokerage statement, but I got tied up in a series of meetings and forgot. I will have to make it up to you.

Kalorama Seller

As a developer, I spent a lot of time researching and thinking through who to hire to help sell our completed, high-end homes, and also help buy properties to develop. I am so happy I decided to work with HRL partners. They have exceeded all of my very high expectations. Their ability to understand the neighborhoods of interest, the competitive landscape in each, the pricing, and also differentiate a home’s value beyond the comps was truly remarkable. In acquisitions, their guidance was spot-on and lead to my ability to successfully beat other competitive offers. I felt their expertise has been critical in my success to both buy and sell homes. They are data-driven and do the detailed work and analysis to make sure they are ahead of every decision that needs to be made.

Beyond being experts on market data, their recommendations and ability to negotiate real estate contracts successfully come from their many years of experience helping their clients successfully buy and sell homes that span a wide range of prices and neighborhoods. I love that they have great relationships with their peers and that they know and work in many different locations. For me, the benefit is that I always know that I am not missing out on any opportunities, even beyond the neighborhoods I am looking at. In this competitive environment, I loved knowing that they had their finger on the pulse of the entire area, not just where I was looking. Every transaction I have done with HRL Partners has been smooth, and their process was always impressive and detail-oriented from start to finish.

Lastly, I love how HRL Partners has a fully staffed team, always available to take a call, answer a question, get right back to you, and help take care of your needs. It always feels like a full-service, VIP experience. They really care about their clients, and you can tell by their desire to get every detail right. They are incredibly professional and work with you like your transaction is their sole focus. You would never know how much is on their plate at any given time because they have the coverage and expertise internally to take care of all of their clients to 100%! I have had the pleasure of doing several transactions with HRL Partners. I am very happy with their work and look forward to working with them moving forward. Whether for a one-time purchase or sale, or a long-term partnership, I highly recommend HRL Partners!

Nimisha Bhargava

My experience with the ENTIRE HRL Team far surpassed my admittedly high expectations. At every turn of the process, there was no detail which the team missed, whether major or minor. Truly notable was the team's consistent communication, from the moment I began looking for a new home for my family in earnest up to, through, and post closing. In a very active market wherein the HRL team has countless clients, I received as much attention and support as if I were buying a home 10x the price. As with all transactions, there were multiple parties involved, and the HRL Team provided invaluable insight on what to expect from each (mortgage lender, appraiser, Seller Agent, etc.) and worked closely to manage each aspect to ensure that closing was completed in 24 days from contract to closing. This is truly a TEAM effort where you get the BEST at all levels of the organization. I am eternally grateful for each member of the team for all of their time, effort, and care in finding my family a new home!

Andrew Leahy

We came to HRL Partners with a task we thought would be quite challenging: navigating a relatively quick relocation from NYC to the DC area as first-time homebuyers in a red-hot housing market. However, we purchased our dream home in Bethesda after just one (very packed/efficient) day of showings—and just six months after we contacted Adam & team, we are settled and so happy.
It was a genuine pleasure to work with Adam & HRL Partners on our search—they were quick to show us new potential properties of interest and also quick to respond to our numerous inquiries about properties/the process. Adam & team were also clearly in our corner as we bid for the house and provided sound advice to strengthen our offer, putting us in a position to "win." We also felt taken care of up to and on closing day—the process could not have been easier, despite the challenges of today's market.

Thank you Adam & HRL Partners for helping us find and secure our first home! If we ever feel the itch to make a move again, you'll be our first call.

Nicole DeBlase and Rob Moore

We were more than happy with our experience with the HRL team. Right from the beginning, they demonstrated how professional and experienced they are. They had a crisp, sharp presentation that exhibited a stellar marketing sense and a keen sense of the market. They blew us away in terms of their smarts on many levels, and we knew they were the right realtors to sell our home. HRL did a thorough walkthrough of our property and gave us a list of improvements to make the home picture- perfect when it went on the market—and they had a great set of contractors lined up to do the work for us quickly and at good prices. They promised us that the team approach mattered because we would have constant access to someone with questions or concerns—every one of our emails and phone calls was answered within minutes and no detail was too small to merit the team's attention.

We were especially impressed when they recognized a dearth of supply in the market and helped us get to market sooner than we anticipated. The marketing materials were stellar—from the website to the brochures to the pictures, floor plans, etc. Just a super-high level of professionalism. And the results were fabulous—we were on the market on a Friday, and by the following Tuesday we had multiple offers and went to contract well-above our asking price,—so smart pricing, market savvy and great marketing paid off. One of the best decisions we ever made was to hire HRL Partners—they were simply great advisors.

And on top of it, everyone on the team was a joy to deal with—funny, personable, and light-hearted at the right time.

Keith Mestrich and Tilney Wickersham

Robert and team have been a real pleasure to work with. I was thoroughly impressed with their level of service and professionalism. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy luxury property in the DC area. I'm considering buying another property just so I get a chance to work with them again!

Amanda & Ari Litan

We were extremely pleased with HRL, selling two cooperative units almost simultaneously, one of which got the highest price per square foot in the building.

First, in selecting a broker, we found them to be the most knowledgeable about the market and the most detailed in their assessment of our property.

Second, their listing activities were both prompt and thorough.

Third, their market assessment and strategies were carefully developed and eventually resulted in a sale price very close to our original ask.

Fourth, they provided regular and timely feedback on the process and the prospect, so that we were never waiting for information.

Finally, they personally assisted in getting all the relevant information to the closing agent.

Susan & John Magee

We liked Robert, Adam, and Chris so much that 10 years after they helped us sell our family house in Cleveland Park, and upon our return to Washington, we called them to help us purchase the perfect house for the next phase of our lives. They not only found us that house, they were critical in educating us to a new/different market by being patient, keenly savvy, and by always providing useful, thoughtful, and unvarnished advice. They are also as plugged into the local market as it gets, so at all times we felt we had the "scoop" on everything we saw, what else was out there and what was coming. As demanding, very picky, and opinionated (lawyer) buyers, this to us was a special and invaluable service. The three of them also work seamlessly in coordination with each other. At least one is always at the end of a phone call or email with a quick substantive response to any question. Each was fully versed in our search, interests, and personal proclivities, so we felt we had 3x the attention and brainpower of the average agent at our disposal. Plus their super assistant (the very tall) Micah, helped to run their operation with what felt like Swiss-watch precision. While there were certainly the expected kinds of bumps and disappointments along the way, we always felt 100% supported and attended to—and that has continued, full-on—even after the contract for our new home was ratified and now beyond the closing period. Plus, they are all really nice, fun, and good guys who were a total pleasure to work with and who always made us feel that we were their most important clients. Hire them!

Milica Mitrovich & John Missing

Terrific team. Couldn't ask for a better selling experience. Really appreciate walking us through the entire process, being honest and fair about feedback, and walking us through a complex process.


Erin & Tom Cochran

I highly recommend HRL Partners! The HRL Team displayed consistent professionalism, determination, attention, and kindness throughout the sale of my home. Data-driven and extremely knowledgeable about the market, the HRL Team guided me through the sale process with graciousness and attention to every detail. I never worried about a thing, as HRL was always five steps ahead of me, anticipating next steps and immediately responding to requests. The HRL Team functions seamlessly, a quality that instills confidence and security in a client.

Carole Gori

Dear Robert, Adam, Chris, and Micah,

I want to thank you for working with me and selling the house! It was a pleasure to work with you—and I am certain you were frustrated with me at times. You are a superb group of professionals covering all the bases—good judgment, knowledge, experience, personal skills- (and still soooo young). And not to mention your superb administrative skills, Rolodex, team spirit, hard working 24/7 ethic, and willingness to go the extra mile.

I wish you all the success you deserve in the future. And thank you again for delivering on 3701—and during a pandemic. I owe you guys. Don’t hesitate to call me if I can ever do anything for you!

Nancy Hogan Dutton

I can't say enough good things about the HRL team. We have completed many real estate transactions and feel that the HRL team is in a league of its own. Not only do they have excellent instincts, but they are also extremely organized, professional, and detail-oriented. My only suggestion is that they consider branching out to additional cities.

Carmel Greer

The HRL team was terrific, making the potentially stressful act of selling a houseincredibly easy. They immediately gave us clear direction and support that guided us through the process, with the house selling two days before the planned open house. I could not recommend them more highly!!!

Adam Lowy & Susan Canning

Heartily recommended. Chris and his team made the (otherwise stressful) process of buying a home a cinch from start to finish. At every turn, Chris was responsive, knowledgeable, and a consummate professional. We also benefited immensely from HRL Partners’ vast network around town, which made finding qualified contractors, movers, etc. a breeze. This is the second time we’ve worked with HRL and we would do it again. Thank you, Chris, and thank you, HRL Partners!

Scott Vincent Andrews & Felipe Rocha Dos Santos

We could not be happier with Chris, Adam, Robert, and the entire HRL team. Almost four years ago, Chris helped us buy a great row home in Woodley Park. His professionalism, knowledge, strong negotiating skills, and calm demeanor made a difficult process seem easy. We returned to Chris and HRL in August when both COVID and blended families had us looking for more space. They helped us navigate a really hot market, allowing us to beat out multiple offers on our dream home while still getting a great deal. HRL then turned to get our row house ready for market. With their know-how and can-do attitude, the house was quickly staged and listed, selling for top dollar in five days. We wholeheartedly recommend HRL and give them the highest possible rating.

Kim Chamberlain and Chuck Wetherington

Masterful! We have sold six homes across the US over the past 35 years. This team is the best we have ever had by a long shot. They saw an opportunity for a quick sale (before listing), advised us on price, terms and process, and then executed in rapid fashion. We knew a lot about our market, but it was clear to us they knew it even better. They protected us and our interest 100% and made sure everyone hit each mile post to closing in four weeks. They will drive the process. You can trust them. Take their advice, do what they say and get out of the way. You will be amazed at the professionalism and thrilled with the results.

Denise & Coe Magruder

We worked with Adam, Chris, Robert, and team on the purchase of our new home in Bethesda. Adam's knowledge of the area was invaluable as we narrowed our search to the perfect neighborhood for us. The team was always accessible for our questions, was proactive in finding properties, and provided insight on every aspect of our home search from finding the right lender to the right painter. We cannot recommend them highly enough!

Zack & Ashley DiLeo

The team at HRL is outstanding. They are assiduous, knowledgeable, and patient; in short, everything you would want in an agent. The team works seamlessly together, and with the benefit of decades of cumulative experience, they have an exceptional command of the market they serve. We found them to be tireless advocates for us - when there was nothing available in the market that met our criteria, they did not push product, but when the right home became available, they anticipated the listing, and enabled us to move with urgency.

Jed & Sarah Nussdorf

Our experience with HRL was 5+ stars! They have extensive knowledge of each neighborhood and the local builders around DC. As out-of-towners, we had to rely on their expertise, and they were always candid. It was refreshing. We only have our home due to their extensive knowledge of neighborhoods and their relationships with other brokers in the area. Through the whole process, the team was incredibly responsive and helpful, answering even our most ridiculous questions! HRL Partners is far and away the best team in DC!

Brittany Warden & Bobby Preston

After working with Robert Hryniewicki and the rest of the team at HRL Partners, I cannot understate how impressed I am. Each individual team member is as professional, hardworking and knowledgeable about the real estate market as you could ever hope for, and these agents work together to provide impeccable service. This teamwork is what achieved an incredible outcome, selling what was a condo in a very sad state for more than $10k over an already impressive list price, all before we even held our first open house. They assisted us every step of the way, providing advice on what improvements would result in the highest returns, which vendors to use for renovations, and how to best prepare for potential buyer questions and requests. They are responsive, respectful and thorough. I have and will continue to recommend them to my friends and family, and to anyone I meet who is thinking about buying or selling a home in the DMV!

Cory Levine

We greatly appreciate all of your hard work in getting our house under contract ONE WEEK after listing it!!! It’s been a pleasure working with you and we will recommend you to all of our DC neighbors and friends. Thank you for the hardbound book of photos of our Jocelyn Street house. The photos are great and it’s a fantastic memento.

Audrey Seidel & Michael Scullin

Washington Fine Properties and particularly HRL Partners was very professional in my transaction. They knew the market extremely well. They sold my house quickly and without too much difficulty on my end. Chris is highly intelligent, very responsive and easy to work with. I strongly recommend Chris and HRL Partners.

Mark Henry

We worked with the WFP team as a buyer and a seller and felt they hit it out of the park both times. Robert and Chris were professional and patient and helped us navigate the process each time, which helped put our minds at ease and brought the stress level way down. They were backed up by a team who left no call or email unanswered, which is a rarity these days. They were diligent and thorough when it came to marketing and staging our condo, but they were especially impressive in developing a pricing strategy that attracted solid offers and an above-asking result. We highly recommend them and, if we were staying in the area, call on them again.

Maureen & Thom McKay

We wholeheartedly recommend the HRL team. As first-time home-buyers returning from overseas, we interviewed several agencies and were won over by HRL’s depth of market knowledge, flexibility, and professionalism. Robert, Adam, and Chris took the time to demystify DC’s real estate market and were incredibly responsive to each and every question we had throughout the process. They are seasoned professionals, and we were fortunate to have them in our corner when we wound up in a multi-offer scenario. Outmaneuvering the competition (truly, it was masterful), their preparation, negotiating skills, and market relationships secured for us the absolutely perfect house for our growing family (and on budget!). These guys are the real deal.

Tessie & Tucker Brown

The team at HRL Partners was AMAZING to work with! They were professional, knowledgeable, responsive, and empathetic to the many questions I had during the purchase of my first home. I relied heavily on the team as I was posted overseas during the home-buying process. They worked around my schedule, which was not always easy with the seven-hour time difference. They ensured everything went smoothly from the search, to drafting the contract, to the closing. I have heard many difficult stories about trying to buy in D.C.—let alone a first place while abroad—but they made the entire experience not only (almost) stress-free, but truly enjoyable. I would highly recommend this team to everyone I know!

Michelle Durant

The best. We were worried we'd never be able to find the right home in this market. They knew the right people and the right negotiation tactics to make our dream a reality. They made a process that I know NOTHING about smooth and easy. We are now in the perfect house!! Also, HRL partners are fun to work with :) They have helped my parents buy homes as well and are just the best. Our real estate agents for life!

Meg Killion & Brian Parrish

My wife and I were incredibly happy with HRL's impeccable service, professionalism and attention to detail at every step throughout our sale process. Robert, Adam, and Chris have built a world-class team, and I could not recommend them more highly.

John & Rory

HRL were consummate professionals, respectful of our needs, who tailored their approach to match our priorities. They had great insights into the DC market, pushed us properties that fulfilled our criteria, and gave us both the information and the space that we needed to make a decision. They guided us through the process expertly and crafted a bidding strategy that turned out to be precisely what we needed to get our house. Truly masterful.

Ewan MacDougall & Christi Anne Hofland

We can confidently say, had it not been for Adam, Robert and Chris, we would not be in our new home today. We were referred to the team from a mutual friend, and from our first meeting with them, their professionalism, knowledge and positivity was evident. Not only do they have a great business model and partnership, we appreciated their knowledge of the market and breakdown of housing details during every home we visited. Their easy-going manner was also extremely refreshing, as there never seemed to be any pressure to buy quickly. Once we found our house, the team’s expertise in crafting a solid offer as well as their attention to detail throughout the entire closing process, was impeccable, and allowed us to buy our home with ease in a very difficult market. Thank you, Adam, Robert and Chris!

Ryan and Laura Poole

As first-time home buyers, we are very thankful to have had Chris and HRL Partners on our side during our recent house purchase. DC is a tough market—houses range from falling apart to too expensive, and the ones that are “just right” have many buyers ready to pounce. Through his network, Chris found our “just right” house before it went on the market, then advised us on how to craft an offer that worked for us and the seller. For first-time buyers, the process can be quite daunting, but HRL’s knowledge and guidance gave us peace of mind.

Jake Miller & Diana Galperin

We would like to thank again our real estate agents, Chris, Adam, and Robert of HRL Partners, Washington Fine Properties, for their outstanding efforts in the sale or our Kalorama townhouse in Washington, DC. They organized a review of the house by a number of agents to give us a good assessment of the potential selling price, guided us in a decision on the price that would help us sell the house to the right buyer at an appropriate price for the neighborhood and comparables, and worked with us to organize the house for sale. The results of their up-front work with us and their showing of the house to appropriate potential buyers when it was on the market resulted in a quick sale at the right price to an enthusiastic buyer, and a rapid close. Their professionalism throughout the process worked exceptionally well for both us, the sellers, and the ultimate buyers. They are client-focused and have a firm grasp on the real estate housing market in DC. We highly recommend them for your next real estate deal.

Monte Meltzer and Carol Nacy

We can’t speak highly enough of our experience with HRL! We were first-time home buyers who had been talking about moving to DC for years before making the leap from the suburbs. We worked primarily with Chris Leary who understood what we were looking for in a house, understood the market, and hit the ground running in our house hunt. After seeing a number of houses, we found an amazing house that was not yet on the market and fit all of our must-haves, was within our budget, and in an excellent neighborhood. We were able to get the house without it going onto the market or getting into a bidding war. The entire process was only 30 days, and HRL was always responsive to our many questions and concerns. We would highly recommend them to others!

Jessica and Robert Farmer

HRL Partners helped us sell our house super fast (2 days from listing), and at a great price! Their rigorous system to determine a viable asking price is most sensible and clearly yields the desired results. The HRL Partners are also very responsive and knowledgeable, with useful pointers and recommendations every step of the way. They made the whole process really easy for us. Great job. Thank you, Robert, Adam, and Chris!!!

Yu Ching Wong and David Hofman

Five stars, across the board. The Wonder Boys is an appropriate way to describe this trio of real estate wunderkinds. We bought our new home from Robert and his partners by chance, but that experience was so impressive (finding our dream home AND sealing the deal with few surprises), we turned to them to sell our previous house. They hit the ground running with a clear understanding of the market, potential buyers, our home's strengths and challenges, and a strategy to bring us the best possible price and a happy ending. We followed their execution plan (to the letter!) and sold our home, well above asking price, in TWO DAYS in mid-summer. We credit their attention to every detail involved in selling a home in metro DC. Their reliance on one another to bring multiple complementary strengths throughout the process was also an extraordinary stress-reducing skill set to rely upon, all of which they performed seamlessly and with boundless enthusiasm.

Bravo, Robert, Adam and Chris (& Co.!)

Kathy Balog and Kip Weissman

We really can't say enough good things about the HRL Group. We worked with Chris directly but also always knew we had the benefit of a three-person team when it came to perspective on pricing, ability to quickly schedule showings, access to off-market listings and a rolodex of contractors that could pull through in a pinch for everything from inspections to cost estimates for adding a powder room or extra bedroom. Oh, and there was ALWAYS someone available to get us in the door the day a new property hit the market, which, as anyone currently house hunting in DC will tell you, is key in a city where houses sell in a weekend or less. After losing homes in two previous bidding wars (both had multiple offers and went well above asking), we knew we'd need to be aggressive and act quickly to get the house we ultimately ended up buying. Chris got us in within hours of it hitting the market and, when we decided to put an offer in that day, worked with our lender to get the paperwork drawn up that evening. He also must have called at least three different inspectors to convince someone to come look at the house first thing the next morning, saving us from feeling like we needed to waive the inspection before our offer expired and other potential buyers were scheduled to go in. Not only that, but he stayed in close contact with the listing agent throughout the process to make sure she expedited communication with the sellers, who don't live in DC and were initially hard to track down (they probably weren't expecting their house to sell in less than 24 hours!). Bottom line, we feel very confident saying we would not be in the house we are in, which we love, had we used a less seasoned or persistent agent. Chris and his teammates were amazing counselors and advocates for us from the first open house we visited to the day we closed on our new home. We feel so grateful to have worked with them and would recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a house in the DC area!

Sarah and Frank Craighill

HRL Partners (Robert, Adam and Chris) were on top of every step of the purchase of our new home and provided exceptional service during the preparation of our home for sale: the pricing process, open house and showings and finally the selection of offers. We sold our home at the price we wanted thanks to the professional pricing process that HRL advised. We feel that the HRL team is exceptionally professional but at the same time very personable; we not only received top rated service, but made three great friends in the process and will definitely recommend them to any prospective home buyers or sellers.

Henrik Ayvazian and Avish Khebrehzadeh

Between November 2017 and April 2018, we listed our property with HRL. We are residents in Australia and we’re not able to travel to Washington DC for the marketing, sale or settlement. We were thus reliant on HRL for every aspect of the sale. HRL Partners were outstanding. They communicated almost daily—often calling us out of their office hours. They provided very informed advice about market conditions. They dealt very quickly with any issue that arose. They advocated for us at all times and we did not at any time feel there was a disadvantage by us not being in Washington DC We achieved a good sales result. HRL provide an utterly trustworthy and informed service.

Ann & Edward Dotson

This team is simply superb!! I was quite concerned about selling my condo from overseas, especially with an 11-hour time difference. Adam, Robert and Chris guided me through the process, making it far easier than I had thought. I especially appreciate that they constantly went above and beyond my expectations. They are extremely knowledgeable about the market and were incredibly customer-service oriented, willing to discuss issue well into their evening. I highly recommend this talented, committed team!

Kimberly Rosan

Honest and hardworking team with a solid comprehension of how to market homes in today's cluttered marketing ecosystem. There are too many agents whose only contribution to marketing a home is advising on a low price. Robert-Adam-Chris and Friends are anything but that, and, in fact, excited to push the envelope wherever they can. But what I can't emphasize enough is they understand what matters in todays media landscape. From start to finish, the marketing campaign for our home was aimed to grab users' attention online, leave enough to imagination to pull them into the home and when opportunity struck, they were ready to close. When we launched the home they were A/B testing landing images and had staff ensuring that the listing and any changes propagated appropriately though the dozens of real estate sites out there. I didn't just have a real estate team, I had a marketing firm helping to achieve my goals.

Adam Wise

HRL Partners (Robert Hryniewicki, Adam Rackliffe and Christopher Leary) are an exceptionally talented, seamless team of knowledgeable, highly professional, gracious, courteous and instantly responsive men who met our every expectation. We picked them to list our $3m+ home after a rigorous interview process involving several other well-regarded firms and, start to finish, were glad we did. Because the list price was high for Old Town, Alexandria, the house historic (175 years), and the finish and layout unique, the sale process was challenging. They dealt with clients and agents from other firms with intelligence, respect and determination. They showed up, prepared, impeccable, on time always and followed up. They anticipated pitfalls; they created intelligent solutions. Their marketing associate, Joseph Kotula, produced smart, tight, descriptive copy for well-placed ads with fine photography. In addition to all this first-rate professionalism of HRL Partners, these are four really nice men with whom we were not just pleased to work, but happy to know.

Linda Fuselier and Christopher Ogden

I can’t recommend Robert Hryniewicki, Adam Rackliffe, & Christopher Leary more! The HRL Partners were absolutely fantastic to work with - funny, patient, considerate, responsive and incredibly knowledgeable. They made buying our first home a smooth and enjoyable process in DC, and I can’t wait to work with them again in the future!

Laura Reynolds and Brandon Bobisink

Adam Rackliffe, Robert Hryniewicki, and Chris Leary of HRL Partners are the best of the best! Smart and insightful... they knew exactly what we were looking for and found us a great house. Knowledgeable... their expertise made a difference several times during this process. And they are a delight to work with as well! I highly recommend working with Adam, Robert and Chris!

Mary and Steve Kletter

I could not more highly recommend Chris Leary, Adam Rackliffe, and Robert Hryniewicki of HRL Partners! I moved to the city from out of state and was renting while looking for the perfect place. We saw a lot of houses — in several neighborhoods. Chris, Adam, and Robert are extremely knowledgeable, really easy to work with, and client-focused. They also had a good sense of what I was looking for — even when I wasn't sure. I ended up in a great end-unit row home in Woodley Park. I paid a fair price in a competitive market, and their impressive network of appraisers, mortgage brokers, and home-repair people made the settlement and move-in process both seamless and pain-free.

Kim Chamberlain

Robert Hryniewicki, Adam Rackliffe and Christopher Leary and their HRL Partners team at Washington Fine Properties are simply the best! My desires when selling my home in North Cleveland Park were very specific. I felt that they heard me clearly and used their vast knowledge, expertise and stellar resources to meet every one of my goals. Robert, Adam, Chris and Joe were readily available to me and worked in perfect harmony to address any and all of my questions and concerns. It amazed me how they made me feel like I was their number one priority despite their robust clientele. From beginning to end, I knew that I was in great hands with this team. They explained to me exactly what was needed to deliver a quality product that would attract the ideal buyer. In the end, their strategy worked seamlessly, and I closed on the sale of my house in less than a month for more than my asking price. Choosing a realtor can be a very difficult undertaking. If your desire is to work with personable, ethical and seasoned realtors who will exceed your expectations, your choice is clear - HRL Partners at Washington Fine Properties!

Dr. Lisa R. Ginn

Robert, Adam and Chris could not have been more helpful and professional during our home purchase process. They combined thoughtful market analysis with excellent judgment and outstanding local knowledge, advising us not only on specific properties, but also on neighborhoods and service providers. We have bought and sold other homes in the past with other brokers and I would rate the HRL team as absolutely top-tier.

Elisa and Josh Miller

We worked with Adam Rackliffe, Robert Hryniewicki, and Christopher Leary to purchase a new- construction condo in Adams Morgan. From first showing to final closing in a very complicated deal, they were on top of everything, a pleasure to work with, and most of all we always felt they were looking out for us. I have bought and sold a lot of properties, and Adam, Robert, and Chris are by far the best agents we have ever worked with. This purchase was new construction, so millions of little details, negotiations, complications, and challenges. Through it all, Adam, Robert, and Chris were calm and gave us a sense of balance as we went through the ups and downs. They were great as a sounding board as we made decisions in negotiations. On the day of closing they were efficient and knew exactly what needed to be done. I know that even after closing we can always depend on them. They rock.

Christie Nordhielm

Robert, Adam, and Chris are first-rate. Their initial analysis of our condo's position in the marketplace was thoughtful and, in retrospect, spot-on. Responsiveness to email and calls was outstanding throughout. I also appreciated them playing it straight with us when others might have sugar-coated less than happy developments. We sold our unit at a very fair price to a highly qualified buyer. You won't go wrong with Robert, Adam, and Chris.

Jim Murphy

We could not be happier with the services of Hryniewicki, Rackliffe, & Leary. We felt we were in good hands every step of the way, both on the selling and buying side. They made a daunting home search and transition seamless and easy, always there to answer our questions, offer valuable insight, and guide us through smart decisions.

Regan Billingsley and Donald Caron

Robert, Adam, and Chris sold our house at 4606 Kenmore Drive, and it was a super experience across the board. The entire team knows the market inside and out, and they go the extra mile for you! But perhaps the thing we appreciated the most was the candid counsel. Truly top notch.

Jen and Scott Frederick

I am a first-time homeowner and had a lot to learn about the buying process. Chris Leary, Robert Hryniewicki, and Adam Rackliffe were extremely helpful and made the whole experience very comfortable and stress-free, guiding and advising me every step of the way. They provided top-quality service and were a joy to work with. I was especially impressed by their network of trusted professionals (from mortgage agents and insurance companies to home inspectors and house painters), which saved me a lot of time and energy and allowed me to focus on the fun part — finding a new home that I love! I am very happy with their work and strongly recommend them.

Felipe Rocha dos Santos

Bill Moody, Robert Hryniewicki, Adam Rackliffe and Christopher Leary made the home-buying and -selling process as easy as possible for us! Our home sold within days of being on the market, and they guided us through the negotiations of buying a new home. It all worked seamlessly for us. They were also knowledgeable when it came to local contacts for home inspectors, moving companies, etc. It was a great buying and selling experience!!

Michael and Stefanie Harrington

If you've heard that all the good properties in DC go before they hit the multiple listings — and you're wondering how you can ever find anything in a market like this — you MUST contact Bill Moody, Robert Hryniewicki, Adam Rackliffe, and Christopher Leary at Washington Fine Properties.

Before we started working with them, we spent many wasted evenings looking at properties that were nowhere close to the area that we were interested in and had few of the "must haves" of our checklist. "DC is a seller's market" is what the agents were telling us. And we believed them until our first meeting with the WFP team. They listened carefully to what we were looking for, then worked their tremendous network of agents and contacts to find us properties to review BEFORE or JUST AS they were being listed. No more crowds at a reduced-price Open Houses! We had a TEAM of DC real estate professionals working on our behalf — from start to finish. All the professionals WFP brought into the process (inspectors, bankers, attorneys, etc.) were equally skilled and responsive. The entire process went off without a hitch — flawless. With fantastic results. We are VERY satisfied clients.

Rebecca Hyde and Joseph Radinovic

Robert, Adam, and Chris were consummate professionals handling my transaction. They knew the area, were pro-active with the seller, negotiated with a good understanding of the market and were immediately responsive. I cannot recommend them highly enough. I was relocating to DC from abroad, and they were my "boots on the ground" during the purchase. I would recommend them very highly to anyone looking for a top-notch realtor in the Washington, DC, area.

Audrey Schreiber

Chris, Adam, Robert, and Bill at Washington Fine Properties were a dream to work with. From my initial passive attempts at finding a place to the actual purchase of my condo, the team was there to help every step of the way and worked with me at MY pace. Once I decided on a property, they worked to get me a significant seller's credit and even after closing were still available to help with things I needed after I moved in. If you're in the market for a home in the DMV area, I highly recommend Chris, Adam, Robert, and Bill at WFP.

Patrick Cody Stuart

I am a first-time homebuyer - I was largely on the fence about whether or not to buy. So I called up WFP to see what the process would look like and to purely educate myself on what would be required and if it was right for me to enter the market.

Working with Chris Leary, William Moody, Robert Hryniewicki and Adam Rackliffe was an absolute dream. From the initial introductory meeting to set up what I was looking for and where, through the actual touring of properties and discussions about financing, I never once felt rushed or obligated.

In addition, WFP has fantastic connections all around the DC areas; be it home inspectors, lending agents, title companies, etc. These connections proved crucial in ensuring that everything moved along smoothly and responses were made quickly.

Furthermore, when dealt with a seemingly impossible hand of personal travel and tough negotiating positions, the WFP team took it all completely in stride.

I heartily recommend these gentlemen and will recommend them to all potential future home buyers or sellers.

Hyde Ramatala

Robert, Adam, Chris, and Bill, along with the entire Washington Fine Properties (WFP) team, provided the absolute best service, start to finish, that we could have possibly hoped for. We interviewed a number of other highly reputable firms before selecting WFP. The competition was not close. From the first meeting, it was clear that WFP had the market knowledge, demeanor, and ability to execute that we were looking for in a real estate firm. WFP was attentive, detail-oriented, and worked diligently to make the process as smooth as possible for us. The entire sales process - from their knowledge of the market and timing our listing, to staging, pricing, and receiving multiple, competitive bids above our asking price - could not have been less stressful or more straightforward. Their network of service providers helped make the entire sales process seamless, and they made it a priority to ensure that our family was comfortable and happy with the process from start to finish. We have been very happy in our house and it was important to us not just to obtain an optimal sales price but also to feel like we were being thoughtful in finding a good buyer for our home. WFP is results-drive, and they care about the clients they choose to take on. I cannot recommend this team highly enough and I will absolutely continue to use them in the future. I don't know why anyone would choose a different firm to represent them in a matter as important as the sale of their home.

Ned Sebelius and Lisa Rockefeller

This is the best real estate team we have worked with in years. Robert Hryniewicki, William F. X. Moody, Adam T. Rackliffe and Christopher R. Leary were working on our property as a team, and all were completely professional. Our property sold in a week at higher than asking price. They had contingencies for whatever might happen and incorporated the best marketing plan that we have ever seen. They possess a perfect mix of "all business" with warmth and charm. They are an ideal team for the DC market. We are totally pleased!

Walt and Mary Chrietzberg

We had a fantastic experience selling our house with this team from Washington Fine Properties. Our house was listed on a Thursday, and we accepted an offer that Monday at our full asking price and without any contingency. I do not believe we would have had the same result from an ordinary agent; this is the A team. Adam Rackliffe, Robert Hryniewicki, Bill Moody and Chris Leary demonstrated impressive marketing strategy and judgement in handling our listing. They were always available for questions, paid close attention to every detail, and put us at ease with the awareness that we were in good hands. I wholeheartedly recommend this team of true professionals.

Josh Fody

Chris Leary made our first home-buying experience enjoyable!!! He had our best interest in mind every step of the way. Chris has an outstanding knowledge of real estate in DC and was able to explain the pros and cons of each neighborhood. He expertly walked us through every step of the home-buying process and answered all of our questions, especially important during a multi-offer situation. Since I was out of town for work, Chris even met the inspector at the house and connected us with the right people to make closing painless. I wouldn’t have changed anything about the entire process from beginning to end and feel very confident in recommending Chris to family and friends!

Julian Malasi

Working with Adam, Chris, Bill and Robert was the absolute best. They made the buying and selling process as simple as possible, and I am so blessed that I had the opportunity to work with them. They were so professional, thorough, knowledgeable, thoughtful and caring throughout the process, and trust me, I was not an easy client. I primarily worked with Adam and then with Chris. I know they both had my best interest at heart, and they treated me as a friend they had known for years versus just another client. There is no way I would have survived the process without them, and I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. They go above and beyond in every step of the process, and it worked! These guys are absolutely amazing!

Jill Kenney

SIMPLY THE BEST! It's not every day that you find a team that will take care of your home as if it were their own, from its investment and value, to the execution of a perfect setting for sale. Bill, Robert, Christopher, and Adam are truly a rare find in the world of real estate. Not only are they exceptional at what they do, but their passion shows in each facet of the listing. In selling my home they were the right choice! My home sold in 14 days because of the expertise of this team and their business-style approach to the market. I could not have done it without them and am forever thankful!

Jeff Akseizer

Bill, Robert, Adam and Chris did an amazing job working to secure our dream home. They know the DC neighborhoods like the back of their hands. I was very impressed with their responsiveness, and always heard back from someone immediately. They were an integral part of my family securing our forever home, and we are so happy we chose them! The team was also responsible for selling our home. They put together a clear timeline for projects and even got a designer to help stage our space with our existing furniture to show well. Our home was sold 5 days after listing.

John and Kelly Frekko

You embark on a real estate opportunity with certain expectations. Our Georgetown condo was on the market with another realtor for seven months. Steady traffic and interest but no offers. Meanwhile the construction of our new home was on schedule and we needed to sell. The builder agent notified HRL Partners of Washington Fine Properties and asked them to consider listing our condo with the challenge of selling in one month. After HRL developed a new strategy and in advance of its execution; we had an offer before it was listed. The partnership and team work of HRL allowed us to sell and purchase our new home judiciously. We praise their ability to make our dream to become a reality. HRL Partners will always be the family’s real estate agent.

Charles and Dorran Thompson

My wife and I recently bought our first house using the office and working with Christopher Leary. We honestly couldn't have been any happier. Although we looked off and on for 6 months or so, our agent Chris was always extremely patient and would meet us whenever wherever to talk or look at a property. After we made our first offer Chris and the WFP team were there to assist us every step of the way, making us feel comfortable and answering every question or concern we had. One other benefit to using the team was their ability to put us in touch with the absolute best in the business for our mortgage, inspections, and closing. I have heard lots of stories about the stress associated with home buying, but our experience was truly a pleasure. Couldn't recommend the Moody/Hryniewicki team more highly.

Lisa and Patrick Large

Bill Moody and Robert Hryniewicki lead a group of real estate professionals that expertly guided the preparation for, listing of, and eventual sale of our single-family home. The Moody group's unique and personal process brought serious, prepared buyers to our home; which went from market to accepted offer in 4 days. Shepherding the sale until closing, the Moody group ensured events moved smoothly to closing, watching every detail. To say these gentlemen "know" their business is an understatement; they are LEADERS in the business. I would WANT them to represent me.

Marilyn and Kurt Osuch

We worked with Robert, Bill, Adam and Chris on the 2014 sale of our four-bedroom home in Northwest Washington, DC. They are first-rate professionals; it is abundantly clear why they are so highly rated, both locally and nationally. Their deep knowledge of DC and the surrounding areas, extensive experience from having successfully completed so many real estate transactions year in and year out, and incredible work ethic are surely unmatchable. They also take a team approach, bringing in their WFP colleagues, as well as partners and vendors, as needed, at every key step along the way. They really leave no stone unturned, and everything is done with excellence and the highest standards in mind. Above all, their professionalism — a combination of comprehensive technical knowledge, positive, unflappable attitude, and a willingness to go above and beyond — is what gets results. These guys are a pleasure to work with, and they get the job done. We would recommend them without reservation.

Ken Weber and Stephanie Copeland

The team of William F.X. Moody and Robert Hryniewicki did an excellent job in handling the recent sale of 4980 Hillbrook Lane on behalf of the Reilly Estate. We were impressed with your detailed knowledge and extensive experience in the market area; however, most impressive was your use of your entire team to develop and implement an effective marketing strategy while working closely with us and keeping us fully informed. The team did an excellent job in developing a pricing and marketing strategy, preparing and staging the property for the marketing effort, including referring us to outstanding contractors to assist us in implementing the tasks, preparing very professional marketing materials, and managing the process to provide full market exposure. In each of these cases, the team process worked very well to ensure both that we were fully informed and in agreement with the decisions made and that the process was completed in an effective and timely manner. The team was also very effective in managing the negotiations and the closing process so that objectives of both the buyer and seller were satisfactorily achieved. I would highly recommend you to any of your potential clients.

John Gardner representative of the Reilly Estate

We could not have been happier with Robert, Bill, Adam, Chris and their team. From start to finish, they were professional, ethical and smart. Selling your house is never easy, but they made it seem that way for us. They are straightforward and open about everything from setting the price to preparing your home to the negotiations. They don't make promises they can't keep but they keep the promises they make. With their help, we were able to sell our house in days — and we got above asking price. Of course, there is no guarantee that will be your experience but know that you will be in excellent hands with them!

Henry Schuster and Sandra Huckaby

William, Robert and their great team have successfully sold our Washington, DC, house in relatively difficult market conditions. I was impressed by their professionalism from the outset. They were always available, dedicated and focused on our mandate. More importantly, they are excellent listeners who have demonstrated a rare ability to adapt to market conditions, to our needs, to our timing and even to our 12-hour time difference. I strongly recommend them to anyone willing to sell real estate in the DC region.

Franz Le Lesle

My wife and I are extremely grateful for all of your hard work, guidance, and professionalism in helping us find a new home in Cleveland Park! We first met Robert in passing almost 18 months ago while searching for a place to move to from New York. He showed us one of his listings and while we wound up renting an apartment for our first year living in DC, Robert stood apart from the litany of real estate agents we met that week. In our very short meeting, Robert's straight-forward honesty, knowledge of the market and focus on his client's needs came across so distinctly that we almost put in an offer on an apartment that was clearly not a good fit. So, when we decided to purchase a home almost a year later we turned to each other and said, "Who was that great agent we met at that European-feeling apartment on Q Street? Robert... Robert H-something!" Needless to say, our hunch was spot-on. Robert, Bill, Adam and Chris made the purchasing process an absolute pleasure! The personalized service, impartial guidance, interactive online portal, careful data analysis, and unparalleled knowledge of the market turned us from uncertain first-time home buyers into highly confident market experts well-equipped to approach any potential transaction decisively. From showing us properties, to back and forth bidding, and all the way through post-closing, Robert and his team covered all the little details impeccably. In the end, we are 100% positive that the WFP team enabled us to get more for our money by acting confidently and closing quickly. We will undoubtedly be coming back to you if we ever decide to sell our lovely new home and will be recommending your services to all of our friends and family in the meantime. Thank you so much and look forward to being neighbors.

Cory & Matt Levine

If you are looking for the most knowledgeable, hands-on, responsive, professional, creative team to represent you... look no further. Bill, Robert and Adam sold our home quickly and for a great price. The whole process was seamless. The marketing package and sales outreach were stellar, and the feedback we received after each showing was very helpful. I highly recommend this team whether you are buying or selling a home.

Woody and Elizabeth Brewer

Dear Robert, Bill, Adam and Chris,

We could not be happier with the way you helped us manage our move—both in selling our home and the purchase of a great new one. From the first email we sent expressing interest, to the sale of our home, to the final signature during the closing on our new house, we felt extremely well taken care of. In a tough real estate market, your team provided exemplary advice on when to put our home on the market, how to prepare the home to show well, and how to price the home to sell. Your selling strategy got us multiple offers within 24 hours. Once we pivoted to looking for a new home, your team was equally precise and focused on our needs. Having targeted a fairly small area of Washington DC (AU Park), your automated MRIS search system allowed us real-time access to literally everything going on in the market. Your connections to other realtors got us in the door to see several homes before they even went on the market. Once we became interested in a property, your team worked with the broker well before the home went on the market to ensure we were prepared to act quickly when it did. If your strategy to sell our house was excellent, the strategy your team employed to lock-down the purchase of our new home was awesome to behold. From a technical analysis of previous home sales, to an aggressive strategy to limit our contingencies (e.g., doing a home inspection before offering), and a smart approach to position us well for price competition, your attention to detail paid off and we are now in the home of our dreams. A benefit we did not appreciate going into this process was the fact that because your team is so well organized and capable, there was no single point of failure—if one of you was out of town there was always someone fully prepared to act aggressively on our behalf. In today's fast-paced market, that proved to be an extraordinary asset. Finally, the quality of the personal interaction set your team apart even further. For a team that is among the most productive in the nation, we felt like we were your most important clients! We certainly don't plan on moving anytime soon, but your team will be the first we call, and we look forward to referring you to our friends and neighbors for a long time to come. Thanks again!

Marjorie & Shawn Brimley

Dear Robert, Adam, Chris and Bill,

It has been a true pleasure to work with you! We never expected to have this process completed in such a short window. With so many moving parts and high-pressure scenarios, we trusted we were always in good hands with WFP, and you did not let us down!

We could not be happier with the outcome and wanted to extend our most sincere gratitude and thanks for all the hard work and dedication your team showed to Lisa and me. We always felt like we were your most important clients even though we are sure you have many others to deal with.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You guys are the best!!

Adam Maynard and Lisa Hayes

Thank you for the professionalism, knowledge of home presentation and effective pricing strategy in selling my home. I had previously worked with another real estate company and had no offer during the 90-day contract. Within 60 days of working with your team the home was re-listed and sold for 98% of the asking price. Regular reports on internet activity and showings gave me peace of mind and let me know you were working toward our common goal. Your responsiveness to emails and voice mails were nearly immediate, and I appreciated that the answers to my questions often involved immediate action. Your focused and organized plan in selling properties is bar none, and I wouldn't hesitate to ask for your assistance in the future.

Thank you. Your expertise made all the difference!

Daniel Finn

Dear Bill, Robert, Adam and Chris,

Thanks so much for your help. You guys were always on top of every detail, and I've rarely seen such efficient and professional execution! I knew you guys were great, but you definitely exceeded my expectations. I'm sure I'll be back in a few years when I'm ready to upsize again!


Kiara Rankin

They found me my perfect house!

You could call it “serendipity,” “the stars aligning,” or simply “meant to be,” but do not kid yourself, finding the perfect house requires great experience, analysis, knowing your market and your client, and having great connections.

From the moment I sat down with Bill Moody, Robert Hryniewicki and Adam Rackliffe, to tell them, very specifically, what I was looking for in a home (an area bounded by exact streets, lots of light, parking, a feeling of spaciousness but not a big house, a nice garden but not too big, and a front hall where people could hang out); through going under contract (ten days after we met); to final closing on my dream house; I had a wonderful time. And, most amazingly of all, they delivered!

I put myself completely in the hands of Bill, Robert and Adam and their fabulous team (Chris and Kevin), and I felt carried and guided. They advised, negotiated and personally walked me through the entire process of listening, finding, going under contract and closing on my dream house. The process was actually fun — hard to believe, I know, but it was.

I cannot imagine having been treated better. Buying a house is terrifying at some level but I never felt daunted or fearful because I knew I had the best possible team.

We quickly became “friends for life” and now, in the throes of remodeling, when I should be in a state of stress and panic, I just remind myself how smoothly this wonderful state of affairs all came to pass, thanks to Bill, Robert and Adam and to their awesome team.

Dane Nichols

Thank you for the guidance and experience that you shared with us as we prepared to sell our home. It was uniquely helpful, resulting in a successful sale.

Your approach to marketing our home was an awakening experience for me, superior in its difference from other realtors that I have utilized in the past for other properties. Within a whirlwind of talent, you put together a photographic team to capture our house at its finest and generate a sales brochure and internet presentation that inspired many other realtors hungry to add our property to their inventory for a possible sale.

This was a learning experience for me, realizing that all sellers should select their listing agent based upon how brilliantly the agent is able to market and promote their property especially because their property needs to be attractive to buyers and other realtors for a sale to take place. The sales record is nice, but sellers need to understand how the sale takes place and how the record is achieved and what the listing agent does to promote the sale and make it happen. Your marketing was brilliant, dynamic and effective, and it brought many realtors and buyers to our home.

I especially liked the personal showings by appointment only with no lockbox out front to invite who knows what into our house. Your team’s professional, experienced and dedicated attention contributed greatly to the sale of our home. You made the difference and set a new standard for anyone who wishes to be successful in your industry!

Great job!

Ken & Christine Williams

Bill, Robert, Chris and Adam,

You did it! Thanks so much for making the sales process relatively effortless. From the first meeting, armed with a wealth of data, it was clear your team understood the Georgetown market, where my home fit within that market, and what it was going to take to sell it. I appreciate Chris' marketing efforts and his attention to detail, Adam's constant contact regarding showings and feedback, Robert's endless availability and willingness to show my home, and Bill's firm negotiations when it came to closing on the sale. A fully priced, non-contingent, all-cash offer was more than I could have hoped for!

The team approach to real estate is clearly the way to go. I can't imagine one person doing it all to the level of service that you all gave me. I'll certainly be in touch next time I buy or sell a home.

Thanks again,


Dear Bill, Robert, Adam, Chris, and Kevin,

We can't thank you enough for all of the hard work and sound advice you've provided us over the course of both buying and selling our homes.

As someone who is in a service business, I know how difficult it is to get all of the pieces right, but you guys truly have figured out the secret sauce. From Kevin's polite and constant attentiveness (I'm still perplexed as to how our calls/emails get answered so quickly even on off hours) to Chris' marketing genius to Bill, Robert, and Adam's sound advice and vast understanding of the market; you have it all covered! I strive to emulate in my own business the service model and professional team you've created.

We appreciate that you took the time to truly understand what it was we were looking for in a new home. We expected the move from Dupont to Cleveland Park to be a big transition for us, but after just a few months, we can tell you it already feels like home. We never would have been able to get this home without your guidance and help! Who would have thought buying a house while in Scotland could have been made so easy...

Your guidance and patience on the sell side was even more valuable! Through a perplexing and changing market environment, Bill, Robert, and Adam, you were always the voice of reason. Your different personalities and perspectives really helped show us both sides of every argument, which ultimately led us to become more informed and reasonable sellers. Despite probably a record-breaking number of showings for a listing that was nowhere near your most expensive, we were never made to feel as though we were a burden and were always made to feel as if we were your most important and largest client. This last part is truly unique and really made a lasting impression on us ... don't ever change that about your business ... it's what keeps people coming back!
We will always be grateful for your help and for holding our hands through some of the biggest decisions of our adult life.

However we can help spread the word about your team and WFP, please don't hesitate to ask!

We look forward to having you guys over in the Spring ... if it ever gets here!

All the best,

Matt, Hallie, & Emory Offen

Bill's outstanding team made a huge difference when selling my multi-million-dollar property. They took over from someone who was not able to get traffic in. Their network of high-end buyers and a strong marketing team made it work. We were very pleased with the result.

John Hackett

Dear Adam, Bill and Robert:

Thank you so much for the professional guidance you provided us during our home search. Your team's vast real estate knowledge and the one-on-one attention we received carried us through our huge decision to become first-time home buyers and landing a property that we are absolutely thrilled with! Your guidance in matching our price level and current needs and wants in a home allowed for an extremely efficient house hunt. We were able to find our home in about two weeks of research...and one day of house showings! Additionally, your advising paid off in the negotiations, as we were able to outbid six competitors and still buy our home in our budget and 3% under its appraised value.

Adam was terrific in his day-to-day support, always responsive to our questions, rearranging his schedule to accommodate us, and providing key advice on drafting our successful offer. Coupled with Robert's valuable strategic and financial input, we truly had a fantastic team of real estate professionals on our side. We are thrilled to be in our new house...a great home and a great investment.

Thank you, WFP!

Daniel Fody and Kristin Kafka

In 2006, Robert Hryniewicki at Washington Fine Properties helped me find and buy the perfect Washington, DC, condo. Seven years later when it came time to sell and find something bigger, Robert was the first call I made.

Robert Hryniewicki, Adam Rackliffe, Bill Moody and the entire WFP team made selling my place as easy as it could possibly be. They aggressively marketed it to just the right people, and we had multiple offers within just a few days.

At the same time they were working to sell my condo, they were working with us to find our new home. They actually took the time to get to know us, and get a true sense of who we were and what we were looking for. They were not simply interested in us buying a house. They wanted us to find a home. The perfect home. And we did.

I never truly appreciated how important a good realtor is until I saw first-hand, as both a buyer and a seller, the incredible difference it can make. Robert, Adam, Bill and the Washington Fine Properties team made that difference for me, and I could not recommend them more.

Todd Harris

Hello Bill, Adam, Robert and Team,

Thank you seems so small a statement to adequately reflect the magnitude of the task that was put on you which, you performed with competence, efficiency and a gentle hand!

We have rented, renovated and bought properties on three continents, so we came to you with a clear view of what we wanted in a difficult market. Added to your challenge was that we began the search from a long distance and arrived in Washington, DC, with only a few days to accomplish the task. This made for a challenging experience, which you handled with grace under pressure.

You patiently introduced us to numerous properties in order to understand the market. Because of your vast experience, you were able to understand our needs and introduce us to a property which at the time was only a shell. After a long and arduous transatlantic financial process involving bankers, builders and designers, it was this shell that would eventually become our beautiful home.

Your continued knowledgeable involvement in directing all aspects of the process made the entire transaction possible.

The service you provided was nothing short of exceptional. It was such a privilege working with you and we are very grateful.

Warmest wishes,

Markus and Maple Adams-Krygier

Dear Adam, Bill and Robert,

I just wanted to thank you and your entire team for a very successful and swift house hunt.

As you know, we were on a tight time schedule, with only one weekend to find a property.
From the start, you totally got the brief and had lined up 16 potential properties for us to view on the first day. Your office was always a pleasure to deal with - emails were very quickly responded to and no telephone call ever went to voicemail, quite an achievement in this day and age! We appreciate too that Adam made himself available to us for the entire weekend.

Your professionalism and knowledge of the market made the entire process, from first offer to closing, so easy.

We'd totally recommend WFP - and will definitely come straight back to you if we ever need to buy or sell in the area again.

I can't thank you enough.

Very best wishes,

Sue Robertson

Dear Robert, Bill, Adam and Chris:

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent job that you all did in listing and selling my house in record time and closing within 30 days. Your grasp of the architectural details of my home certainly impressed me, and your overall knowledge of the market and my neighborhood was reassuring that you and your firm would accurately represent my home. I felt very comfortable and confident. I have myself been involved in different capacities of real estate for many years and found that you and your team, i.e., Bill, Adam, Chris and Kevin, were the most competent, knowledgeable, thorough, and professional during the entire process. While I was out of town, you kept me totally informed by communicating all information. Amazing!

Thank you so much for everything that you did. and I highly recommend you and your firm to anyone selling or buying a home. You all are magnificent!

Most sincerely,

Anita Knight-Booker

Thank you so much for getting us the house we were looking for and, ultimately, the home we'll raise our kids in! It's so comforting to have no regrets: We know we made the right decision to buy this house and we sincerely believe we were lucky enough to get it because we made the decision to work with your team.

We were impressed with our first meeting with Robert and Adam; they were prepared, they were professional and they were obviously familiar with the market and the neighborhoods. They listened to our needs and wants, were respectful of our time and the level of effort we could put into our search and most importantly, when we found the house we knew we wanted, they gave us all of the information we needed to make an educated offer under tight timelines. Adam was great – I can't tell you how appreciative I am of his level of interest in our search, his responsiveness to phone calls and emails and his courteous and professional demeanor at all of our meetings.

Thank you!

The Kilroys

Dear Bill and Robert,

Thank you for doing such a tremendous job in helping us sell our $2 million penthouse. Unfortunately, we had a false start when we initially hired the wrong broker. It was a disappointing 6 months with little traffic and no offers.

When you and WFP took over it was day and night. Your approach, your process, and your network of high-end buyers clearly made the difference. The traffic picked up immediately. We had more showings in 4 weeks than we did in 6 months. In addition to a great marketing campaign, the buyer was brought to us by another WFP broker.

Your strong follow-up and communication were really appreciated. We always knew where we stood. You guided us through the process intelligently and thoughtfully.

This was a real partnership that worked for all parties involved.

Many thanks!

John Hackett and Tim Carr

Robert, Bill, Adam and Chris,

My wife and I are extremely grateful for all of your hard work, guidance, and professionalism in helping us find a new home in Cleveland Park!

We first met Robert in passing almost 18 months ago while searching for a place to move to from New York. He showed us one of his listings and while we wound up renting an apartment for our first year living in DC, Robert stood apart from the litany of real estate agents we met that week. In our very short meeting, Robert's straight-forward honesty, knowledge of the market and focus on his client's needs came across so distinctly that we almost put in an offer on an apartment that was clearly not a good fit. So, when we decided to purchase a home almost a year later we turned to each other and said, "Who was that great agent we met at that European-feeling apartment on Q Street? Robert... Robert H-something!!!"

Needless to say, our hunch was spot on. Robert, Bill, Adam and Chris made the purchasing process an absolute pleasure! The personalized service, impartial guidance, interactive online portal, careful data analysis, and unparalleled knowledge of the market turned us from uncertain first-time home buyers into highly confident market experts well-equipped to approach any potential transaction decisively. From showing us properties, to back and forth bidding, and all the way through post-closing, Robert and his team covered all the little details impeccably. In the end, we are 100% positive that the WFP team enabled us to get more for our money by acting confidently and closing quickly.

We will undoubtedly be coming back to you if we ever decide to sell our lovely new home and will be recommending your services to all of our friends and family in the meantime.

Thank you so much and look forward to being neighbors,

Mat and Cory Levine

Dear Bill and Robert,

As a professional real estate developer for more than 30 years, I found you, Adam, and Chris to be superb in your professionalism, knowledge of the industry, and follow-through. Your advice was critical in recommending improvements which produced maximum bang for the buck. You consistently demonstrated insightful guidance which resulted in seamless transactions and outstanding results. You bring to the table a sophisticated level of understanding of the nuances of the principles and practices of real estate which in my experience is unique to your profession.

I look forward to continuing to work with you on an ongoing basis.

My sincere thanks for a job well done.

Kind regards,

Steve Stein

Dear Robert, Bill, Adam and Chris,

We could not be happier with the way you helped us manage our move - both in selling our home and the purchase of a great new one. From the first email we sent expressing interest, to the sale of our home, to the final signature during the closing on our new house, we felt extremely well taken care of. In a tough real estate market, your team provided exemplary advice on when to put our home on the market, how to prepare the home to show well, and how to price the home to sell. Your selling strategy got us multiple offers within 24 hours.

Once we pivoted to looking for a new home, your team was equally precise and focused on our needs. Having targeted a fairly small area of Washington DC (AU Park), your automated MRIS search system allowed us real-time access to literally everything going on in the market. Your connections to other realtors got us in the door to see several homes before they even went on the market. Once we became interested in a property, your team worked with the broker well before the home went on the market to ensure we were prepared to act quickly when it did.

If your strategy to sell our house was excellent, the strategy your team employed to lock-down the purchase of our new home was awesome to behold. From a technical analysis of previous home sales, to an aggressive strategy to limit our contingencies (e.g., doing a home inspection before offering), and a smart approach to position us well for price competition, your attention to detail paid off and we are now in the home of our dreams.

A benefit we did not appreciate going into this process was the fact that because your team is so well organized and capable, there was no single point of failure - if one of you was out of town there was always someone fully prepared to act aggressively on our behalf. In today's fast-paced market, that proved to be an extraordinary asset.

Finally, the quality of the personal interaction set your team apart even further. For a team that is among the most productive in the nation, we felt like we were your most important clients! We certainly don't plan on moving anytime soon, but your team will be the first we call, and we look forward to referring you to our friends and neighbors for a long time to come.

Thanks again!

Shawn Brimley and Marjorie Clark

As first-time home sellers we were of course nervous and a bit uncertain about the process of selling our home in Washington, D.C. Adding to the complexity was the fact that we were selling our home in connection with our family's transfer to Europe and had to work with our employer's relocation company. Looking back we can't imagine working with anybody other than Bill Moody and Robert Hryniewicki, both of whom were precisely the kind of professionals we needed to represent our family and our home.

Not only are Bill and Robert experts in the home selling process, as our quick results and full-price offer showed, but they are also experts in working with relocation companies. They guided us effortlessly through the very complex relocation process and it was a great comfort knowing that we had Bill and Robert on our team advocating for us. We look forward to working with Bill and Robert again in a few years once our family returns to the area.

Jason & Patricia Monahan

I am writing to thank you for an outstanding and comprehensive effort in the marketing and sale of 2329 California St., NW on my behalf. No doubt this is the most challenging real estate market in decades, which makes the successful outcome even more notable.

I have bought and sold numerous properties in the Washington metropolitan area over the years both for personal use and as investments. The highly coordinated team approach utilized by Washington Fine Properties is second to none in my experience. The front end prepping of your client, the in-depth market analysis you provide, and the strategic advice for launching the sales effort were most professional. Then the deployment of your many resources in executing the sales strategy was truly impressive. And, of course, your willingness to give me candid and honest advice at every point in the process kept my perspective and expectations realistic.

Like many transactions we had a bit of excitement as we approached the closing. The fact that WFP’s President, Tom Anderson, would become personally engaged in working out the last-minute hiccups to everyone’s satisfaction goes well above normal expectations in your business and underscores why WFP is so far ahead of your competitors.

Needless to say, I have had many very positive experiences with Margot over the years and have every intention of continuing that relationship into the future. The merger of her former firm into WFP has given her resources she had not previously had at her disposal and only heightens her stature as one of the premier agents in this high-end sector along with Bill and Robert. Going forward, and there will be more transactions, I look forward to engaging the WFP team to assure successful outcomes.

With much appreciation and warmest regards,

Steve McGregor

Bill, Robert and their team recently helped us sell our house in Cleveland Park and we couldn't have been more pleased with their service. We interviewed several agents before settling on Bill and Robert, and then subjected them to reams of emailed questions and concerns which they gamely and thoroughly addressed. We chose them not only because they provided us a thoughtful and nuanced analysis of the market, the local players and demonstrated deep experience with preparing a high-end house, like ours, for "launch." But Bill and Robert also were sensitive to our family's needs beyond the purely economic, and helped us to deal with a variety of sometimes competing, professional and personal demands in our efforts to put the house on the market, to adjust to a changing market, and then to negotiate a contract.

We were demanding clients and very hands-on. We also had a lot of moving parts: One of us was in Europe and a different time zone for most of the sales period, the other outside Washington at another residence, and we were preparing for a complicated and emotional move not only from our home, but to another continent. Through Adam, their licensed wizard associate, Bill and Robert were always available to us. Every one of our questions or concern was almost immediately addressed. They cleverly advised us about how most economically to prepare the house for sale. Once our house hit the market, they also consistently demonstrated calm and vision under pressure, and treated us always as if we were their first priority and favorite clients. They particularly were useful in the throes of a difficult contract negotiation, not only keeping a steady hand on the deal, but creatively moving the process forward, addressing our personal concerns while keeping us apprised of the legal and market dimensions of our efforts.

We don't hesitate in recommending Bill and Robert. Hire them.

Milica Mitrovich & John Missing

Bill and Robert,

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for making the sale of Shawn's home so simple and seamless. Your team is utterly professional and meticulous in their attention to detail.

I felt confidence with the entire group at every step of the way, from our initial meeting where current industry statistics were explained as they related to pricing the home for sale, to the extensive marketing plan and calendar established for the selling the home, to the constant updates and communication when we received an offer on the house through to its successful closing.

Please know how much your work was appreciated! We look forward to working with you again as Shawn looks to purchase his next home!

All the best,

Kaarta Maron

We bought our current home and sold our previous home through Washington Fine Properties. We dealt with Bill Moody and Robert Hryniewicki in both transactions. In the purchase transaction, Bill was the sellers' agent and Robert was our agent. In the sale transaction, both represented us. In both transactions, we found both of them to be very knowledgeable about the Washington area and extremely helpful in bringing to a close these transactions. In the purchase transaction, Robert represented our interests fairly and helped guide the transaction to a close that we found to be satisfactory and fair to both parties.

In the sale transaction, which was the more difficult one under the current economic climate, Bill and Robert were very methodical in helping us set a realistic price, and kept us informed with bi-weekly reports on the status of the interest in our home (e.g., the number of hits on the web site, the placement of various ads, the prices of comparable houses sold, etc). They were always very responsive and accessible to us at any time, either by telephone or through meetings that we requested.

They were also extremely good with follow-up actions. Their knowledge and understanding of the housing market in the Washington Metropolitan Area was very helpful to us in formulating an appropriate strategy to sell our home. Their systematic approach and helpful advice in both transactions made this normally painful process as smooth as possible.

We very much enjoyed working with them.

Mary & Armeane Choksi

Dear Bill and Robert,

We wanted to take a minute to thank you and your team (especially Adam and Chris) for the professional service that you provided to us relating to the sale of our home in Georgetown. The integration of excellent marketing strategies, technology, and careful data analysis provided us with pertinent information to make informed decisions about the pricing of our home. In addition, you were aggressive in showcasing our house through open houses, online access and follow-up with potential buyers.

In the area of communication, your entire team was always available and ready to assist or offer advice when necessary.

We also would like to commend you on the expert advice you provided to us on the purchase of our new home. While there were challenges, you provided us with thoughtful options on how best to proceed with an offer.

All in all, the sale and purchase transactions we completed were made far easier and more certain with you expert help and advice.

It was a pleasure working with you.

Best regards,

Elizabeth and Chet Burrell

Dear Bill and Robert,

The most recent sale of our property by you and your team could not have occurred without many components.

Throughout many, many years in the real estate finance field, I knew this was one of the most challenging parcels to market. We relied totally on your advice as to proper preparation for sale, marketing plan, sale implementation and of course coordinating all aspects through settlement. You were deeply involved in each component and guided the integration.

Even our general contractor complimented your eye for detail and knowledge of requirements necessary for prospective purchasers.

We could not be more pleased and grateful for your total professional performance. Your excellence is greatly appreciated and admired.


Larry F. Pratt
President and CEO of First Savings Mortgage

Bill and Robert,

Wanted to thank you for your help on both the sale and purchase of our homes. The two of you make a good team. We thought both transactions went smoothly and your help along the way is appreciated.

It was fun getting to know the DC market and you did a great job helping us understand it. We know we may have fallen into the "buyers are liars" category with distinction. We can live with that. Somehow we ended up with a home we are both very happy about - so that's what counts.

Adam and Chris were a pleasure to work with. They are extremely professional and a delight to get to know.

Also, we appreciate the lovely bound book of pictures of our home you gave us. It made me a little teary when I saw it but it will be something we will treasure.

Take care,

MaryBeth and Steve Swad

Dear Bill and Robert,

It was a pleasure working with you both and your team (especially Adam & Chris)... for the third time! With each experience, our trust and confidence grows in your ability to sell/buy homes, even in this tricky real estate environment.

Your extensive experience and knowledge of the DC market -- I'm convinced that you have walked through more than half of the homes in the area -- gave us the assurance that our house was priced right and that you negotiated a great deal on our next home.

Throughout the process, we felt that we were a priority to you (regardless of how big or small the transaction). You were always available (late at night, on holidays, different time zones, etc.), your efforts were tireless. The level of service was outstanding and demonstrated the perfect balance between professional respect and a personal touch.

But, one thing that really strikes us, is that it is obvious that you truly enjoy what you do. You love houses/architecture/neighborhoods and placing people in a home where they will be happy. It's for this and all of the above, that I would recommend you to anyone that will listen, and certainly hope to work with you again in the future.

Bill & Robert, thank you for being such a great partner through this process.

Warmest regards,

Melissa & Sebastian von Stauffenberg

Dear Bill and Robert,

Just can't say enough good things about our experience with you and Adam and Chris. This sluggish summer, you took over the sale of our house after it had languished on the market for six months, and you found multiple offers in a week.

Couldn't help but notice that you have 2 to 4 times as many staff as any other agent we've ever worked with. And that meant responsive, detailed follow up. Combine that with can-do attitude and a data-driven analysis of the product, the market, the agent, the customer and the price, and you have a deal. And a very, very satisfied customer. Can't wait to do business with you again!

Warmest Regards,

Peter & Katy Kunkel

Bill and Robert,

Thank you both so much. I really do not believe it would have sold anywhere close to what it did if it wasn't for you guys. And I really appreciate your patience with me throughout the process, especially for what I know is a small deal for you. Please thank Adam as well, he was great to work with. If I ever move back to DC, the first call I make will be to you guys.

Michael Drummond

Robert and Bill,

All of the rave reviews were true. In fact, our experience working with you exceeded our expectations. Agents should take several pages out of your handbook. From your thoughtful market analysis and presentations, to your quick responses to our questions and concerns, to the way your team seamlessly coordinated appointments, to your quick execution of multiple contracts - I know firsthand that very few agents could handle all of this with your efficiency and very high level of professionalism.

With all this said, yes, I would be more than happy to sing your praises to potential clients. Just put me/us on the list of "People to Contact for Excellent References" (knowing how you operate I'm sure this list already exists).

Please send my best to the team.

Warm regards,

Gissel Gazek & Stefan Nicholas

Dear Bill and Robert,

I wanted commend you for your great work on my two corporate inventory properties in Washington, DC. I handle somewhere between 100 and 200 transactions every year with homes around the United States. As a good friend of mine would say, you are on "The Hand." This means in my top 5. I very rarely run across a broker that has the knowledge and detail that you do. It blew me away. The reports you provide on the marketing of the homes is extremely detailed and paints the picture of what is going on with the market and buyers feedback on the home. The homes are maintained to perfection so that a buyer can see themselves living in the homes. And you so completely supported me and my company to not only give us the information to get the home sold but to bring TOP DOLLAR for our corporate clients. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend you to anyone listing a home in the DC metro area. I just can't say enough. You and your team are THE BEST!

Laura Smith

Dear Robert and Bill,

Pete and I want to thank you both (and Adam and Chris et al) for a year+ of hard work at the Watergate. Your patience, diligence, optimism and professionalism got the job done, in the end.

When we first met, you said that our apartment would likely be on the market for 12-18 months before it sold. Considering the generally depressed real estate market, we feel fortunate to have achieved our sale in 12 months. Looking back, I find it amusing that every offer we received came in when we were out of town, further adding to your difficulties!

So, now we sit back and savor our team victory and wish all of you at WFP a prosperous, closing-filled 2010!!

Best always,

Mary and Pete McCarthy

Dear Bill & Robert,

Dan and I would like you to know we enjoyed working with you and your friendly, hard-working team. We were particularly impressed with the time and energy given to marketing and "showing" our house. The beautiful detailed brochures and the actual "showing" of our house to prospective buyers are two things that come to mind. It gave us peace of mind to know that each time there was a "showing," we knew exactly who was viewing our house and most importantly, it was shown by one of you and not another associate who may not have been familiar with the property. That was an advantage to us because you truly knew our property and could answer any prospective buyer questions.

It was also nice to share so many laughs along the way. A good sense of humor by all carried us through a difficult market and helped make a good outcome possible.

We wish you and your team continued success in this "not-so-bad" real estate market.

Thanks for a job well done.

Mary Anne and Dan Gillis

Dear Bill and Robert:

We cannot compliment you and your team enough for the absolute professionalism displayed in the marketing and sale of our home in Georgetown.

As an "expatriate family" who has moved many times, we are, unfortunately, excellent judges of real estate agency competency. Your WFP team capabilities and execution are unique. When you are hired, the seller/buyer gets a "full team" of four or more people working for them full-time, each fully qualified in every aspect of the real estate sales process. From your marketing program, to your specialized sales showing expertise, to your negotiations format, your execution is truly "differentiating."

Professionalism produces results, and in the middle of the worst real estate market in years (October 2008), you produced two offers at or above our asking price in 21 days. This says it all!

We will and have recommended you to friends and thank you sincerely for exposing us to true residential real estate sales professionalism.

Best regards to your whole team.

Judy and John Clark

Bill Moody and Robert Hryniewicki provided the highest level of customer service, commitment and professionalism in representing us in our last three real estate transactions in Dupont Circle and Georgetown. Our home in Georgetown was listed by WFP in a very difficult real estate market. Yet only Bill and Robert could have delivered a "cash" offer at our asking price in only four days. Their savvy marketing efforts and ability to produce qualified buyers were key to our success. Their team flawlessly and seamlessly executed every aspect of the process and was amazingly aware of every detail. Their unparalleled knowledge of the market, insightful perspective and thoughtful pricing assessments makes them without a doubt the most highly skilled practitioners in the Washington, DC, area. We were in awe of their energy, pursuit and focus to their task, all done with an extremely patient and likeable character. The quality treatment and personal attention we received made us feel as if we were their only client.

We consider Bill and Robert our indispensable, trusted advisors. As repeat clients, we would be
the first to strongly recommend them to others. We couldn't imagine a better experience.

Caroline and Hall Kesmodel

Dear Bill and Robert,

We want to thank you for your work, and the work of your staff, in selling our home at 1246 27th Street.

We have been involved with real estate for many years and worked with all kinds of people. In our experience, your professionalism and integrity stand out. Even though the process took longer than anyone had hoped, and included many obstacles to success (a weakening market, construction next door, etc, etc...), we stuck together and achieved success in the end.

Your analysis of the market, and presentations of its ever-changing dynamic were very helpful along the way. But in the end, we were most impressed with your perseverance and your relentless support of our best interest. Every time a decision needed to be made, your advice was on the mark.

You never pressured us to compromise in the name of expediency, which is a rare occurrence in this business.

To anyone considering working with you, we offer a strong recommendation to do so.

Best wishes to you both, and your staff.

Take care,

Randy and Russell Katz

Dear Bill and Robert,

I know Henrietta joins me in thanking you both very much for your assistance and
dedicated professionalism over the last four years in attempting to sell Bellapais.

It was quite a challenge; however, without a doubt we feel that, in the end, the buyers
were the right buyers for the house. The extraordinary coincidence of the Langley Park
connection I think convinced both parties that it couldn't be otherwise.

So even though we received less, in the final analysis we were fortunate to snag some
folks who will really care for the property, and I believe who will also make certain that it
is passed on in similar fashion.

What we really appreciate is your successfully persuading the buyers to increase their
offer to an acceptable number. We know it wasn't easy but you did it.

Thank you again.

With all good wishes,

Leander McCormick-Goodhart and Henrietta Burke

Dear Broker,

Bill Moody and Robert Hryniewicki did a tremendously professional job for us, representing us as buyers' agents in the purchase of a large family house in Spring Valley and as sellers' agents in the sale of our previous house in Wesley Heights. Their personal knowledge of the market was encyclopedic, their negotiating help was invaluable (and both my wife and I consider ourselves connoisseurs of negotiation), and their commitment to their clients was exceptional.

Perhaps the best example of how useful they were as buyers' agents is that the house we ultimately bought was first shown to us when it was not even on the market, but was just coming to completion after a one-year refurbishment; the owner really didn't want to start to show it for another few weeks and it took some arm-twisting to get us in to see it. Bill and Robert, however, had taken the time to know our family, know what we wanted, and instead of just showing us the first five houses in our price range from a list that came off of a computer, they really seemed to view this as a personal project to get us first in line for the house that was perfect for us; even if it wasn't on the market.

As for their capacity as sellers' agents, that was certainly put to the test when, having signed to purchase our new house in July of 2007, we put our old house on the market in September of 2007; perhaps the most unsettled month for residential real estate in the last 15 years. Bill and Robert approached this task with energy and science; they did an extremely thorough review of all recent sales prices, they had a comprehensive analysis of price drivers, and they brought 10 or so brokers from a variety of firms through for a preview of the house to get input on the appropriate price. They had a complete range of contacts for fixing the house up efficiently and had very useful advice on what would help the house sell and what wasn't worth the effort. We sold that house on the solidly high end of our price range about 3 weeks after it went on the market. In the fall of 2007, that is something that simply would not have happened without Bill and Robert.

On top of this professionalism, Bill and Robert were very pleasant people to work with: energetic without being annoying, congenial without being obsequious. We never felt either ignored or pestered. While I hope we don't move again for a good long while, we will work with them again in a heartbeat when we do, and we heartily recommend them to others.

Randal Quarles and Hope Eccles

Dear Bill and Robert,

We just wanted to drop you a note to thank you and everyone at WFP for the superb service that you provided in selling our home. We could have not been more pleased. Your constant availability and patience in answering our MANY questions kept us calm and confident during the process. We also appreciate the individual and personal attention your provided. The marketing material could not have been more professional or more attractive. This in conjunction with your savvy negotiating talents got us the price we wanted in an unusual and "dynamic" DC market.

Again, thank you for everything and we hope to be able to work with you both again in the future.

Doug Johnson and Brett Copeland

Dear Broker,

We were represented by Bill Moody and Robert Hryniewicki in both the sale of our old home and the purchase of a new home. They displayed an incredible amount of market savvy in both transactions and we were very pleased with the outcomes of each. Robert spent months taking my young son and me to a large number of homes that were on the market, until we found the one that we eventually purchased. He was incredibly patient and kind to us and became fast friends with my young son! I believe that his personal attention combined with incredible negotiating skills and a firm gasp of market conditions, enabled us to walk away from a stressful process feeling as though we made good deals on both the buying and selling side.

I would, and do, recommend Bill and Robert to anyone interested in buying and/or selling real estate in the D.C. area.

June 2007

Alexandra and Bob LaFrankie

Dear Broker,

Bill Moody and Robert Hryniewicki demonstrate a level of integrity and professionalism that is uncommon in this industry. Their encyclopedic knowledge of the market, spot-on suggestions regarding marketing strategy, pricing, and property staging were vital to the smooth execution of every deal. Overall superb service made us feel like we were their best and only clients. As satisfied repeat clients we've recommended them to our friends and wouldn't hesitate to work with them again in the future.

Gregory Flood and Charles Ammann