Florence Meers

TITLE: Sales Associate
FAX: 202-966-9909
FAX: 202-966-9909
CELL PHONE: 202-487-7100
CELL PHONE: 202-487-7100
E-MAIL: florence.meers@wfp.com


Roses are and violets are blue.
No real estate agent is as good or beautiful as you.
I knew you could do it the moment I met you.
Thanks for everything and especially the wonderful wine.

Dr. Scott

My wife and I recently had the good fortune of selecting Carrie Carter and Florence Meers as our real estate agents to sell our DC cooperative. Our choice was made after interviewing several other agents from different companies. The decision was an easy one.

From the very beginning, Carrie and Florence displayed a positive, even excited, attitude about selling our co-op unit and how they were going to do it. The high energy they displayed was impressive. My wife and I knew that co-ops are not the easiest thing to sell in DC, but Carrie and Florence were undaunted and not the least bit concerned. They gave excellent advice on what to do and we followed it.

In short, the unit sold in a very short period of time. Carrie and Florence kept us informed of all important developments, but insulated us from trivial matters and from a very nasty broker on the other side who seemed to be hell-bent on causing problems.

If it is possible to do your job in a highly professional matter, yet make a connection with your clients so that my wife and I consider them “friends” for life, then Carrie and Florence are the epitome of such specialists. We would not hesitate to use them in the future for any real estate matters that we have. Indeed, we would seek them out as our preferred representatives.

Edward & Deborah Sanocki

Thank you again for your darling present, your suberb taste, your dedication, your kindness and your patience. I sure hope that WFP is going to use my letter to tell the world about how wonderful you are—so much more than an agent, but a good friend and guide in a time of need.

Eleanor Grant

Dear Flo:

What are we going to do without you? A big thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It certainly was a test of patience and endurance right down to the bitter end and I'm sure there were moments when you thought, "We are never going to get rid of these two!" Charlie and I both knew when we met you that you were perfect for the job. Thank you for your generous gifts of champagne and homeowners insurance. Perhaps you’ll sell Joiners for us in four years when we are ready to build!

Big hugs,

Alex and Charlie