Marylyn Paige

TITLE: Sales Associate
DIRECT: 202-243-1630
CELL PHONE: 202-487-8795
CELL PHONE: 202-487-8795


To persons searching for a broker to sell their home:

We first met Marylyn Paige, an agent with Washington Fine Properties, in about 1990 when she took over and sold our house which had been listed without success with another broker. That relationship led us to choose her to handle the purchase of 2937 Macomb St. She brokered that purchase by working out an imaginative, delayed occupancy deal which advantaged us and met the seller's special terms. Her performance led us to choose her and Sabrina to conclude a private listing for the sale of 2937 Macomb. Her second sale for us brought two solid offers on the first weekend of opening, including the one we accepted which was without contingency and higher than the asking price. She and Sabrina deserve special credit for their patience and willingness to persevere in the face of delays for opening. Also, their experience proved invaluable in advising us on reaching a balance in deciding on expenditures for improving the appearance of an older house.

Julian and Allen McDonald
Saratoga Springs, NY

Marylyn Paige has a great record for us ever since we met as neighbors years ago on the same street in Kalorama. She sold our house there at a price that pleased us and to a cash buyer. She has been our agent in six major real estate transactions over the years including an investment property in Mass Avenue Heights and an Estate in Cleveland Park, both of which sold for the full asking price with no contingencies, and two personal homes in Palisades as well. She knows the city well, has great integrity, navigates complex situations with skill, and is entirely unflappable and reliable.

Eliot and Blaine Marshall

Dear Dana,

Now that my life has settled into the ordered and gentle routine here in my new apartment, thoughts turn back to your kind and energetic partner, Marylyn Paige. Without Marylyn to guide me through the tangled web of selling my home and finding my next destination, I'm certain I would have become someone even my children would have found unrecognizable! Her patience, professional expertise, hard work, persistence, and the way all of Washington Fine Properties worked in tandem was amazing.

In this city packed with real estate companies, one can see some really good groups and some not so good. When faced with having to sell my family home, I thought about what I wanted to feel most in the company who would help me. With Washington Fine Properties, the word that was in front of me all the time was TRUST.

Our home had seen two generations of Alvords born there, living there, raising families there, and saying goodbye there. I am grateful to have found Marylyn, who respected and cared for my beloved home, who didn't just see the dollar signs (though certainly secured me a good amount), but understood the life and love that still lives there.

Thank you Marylyn, thank you Dana, and thank you Washington Fine Properties for a job well done.

Best Regards,

Jacqui Alvord

Dear Dana,

I don't know if Washington Fine Properties has awards. If so, I have some nominees. If not, here are some candidates for recognition at your next lunch gathering.

First heroine is Sally Marshall. She sold my mother's house at full asking price within about two weeks. However, she demonstrated her professionalism on this deal two years before. I had a hip replacement, and my mother had a stroke on the same day. I was worried what my mother's finances would be, so, still groggy from the operation, I called Sally for advice. She was gracious and very helpful, even, later, when it seemed like my son would be taking over the house, and thus not a traditional sale. When I turned to her this year, she kicked right in with highly personalized professionalism and very wise advice about preparing the property.

If there were a category for hardship-pay commissions, Sally earned it. Before the ideal buyer arrived, Sally's presentation of the house attracted not only the normal level of interest but we had not one, but two over-eager potential buyers. (I'll let the full story come out when she writes her memoirs some day.)

Dana wins best supporting role for his calm, strong, wise role in the over-eager buyer stage.

Marilyn Paige wins in the international category. Not only had she attracted a super-qualified European buyer to help them find a home, but in an incredibly short timeframe, (with the paperwork and the process jumping from Germany to England to the US), she got everything prepared, initiated, and she presented us with the most clean, organized offer imaginable, even taking care of financing and inspection issues in advance! It was extremely impressive and certainly made up my mind.

Sally would correct me if I did not give credit to some supportive players, some of whom are sitting in the room. Thank you to those of you who previewed the house on Carvel Road in Westmoreland Hills, and submitted secret "votes" to Sally on what would be the most appropriate asking price. This process brings great comfort and credibility (and/or reality check) for the sellers. We followed your advice, and you were right.

Finally, congratulations to WFP for by-far-the-best photography and web presentation. Wow! In fact, the pictures were probably a big reason that Marylyn's clients felt comfortable making a perfectly prepared final offer before actually seeing the house in person.

So, sincere thanks and congratulations to the whole WFP team.


Fredrick Hunt

Dear Giselle,

I wanted to thank you very much for your superb service. Your knowledge of DC market, your professional manor and special touch are truly a head and shoulder above the rest of Real estate professionals. In all of the years that I have bought and sold real estate your service and that of your team truly stands out.

Thank you for helping Mina and I to find our dream home. I wanted to express my appreciation once again to you, Kerry and Marylyn. I hope WFP knows how lucky the firm is to have such dynamite ladies in the team.
You are fabulous.

I sure hope you have a much deserved time off in Europe and you get to put your Italian in good use. Once you get back I will be thrilled for you to meet Mina.


Maryam Rahmani
6803 Valley Brook Dr.
Falls Church, VA. 22042

Maryam Rahmani