Home to the Catholic University of America since 1887, the Northeast neighborhood of Brookland has developed into a church, chapel and monastery-filled zone nicknamed "Little Rome." But the popular neighborhood is also home to tree-lined streets filled with older homes and retro storefronts, and its central arts zone near the Brookland Metro stop offers galleries and performance spaces. This vibrant collegiate area moves to a creative beat, which you'll see in action on the Arts Walk at Monroe Street Market. The galleries of local potters, painters and crafters line a brick-paved pedestrian byway; visit when they’re open (most weekends) and you can see them in action and buy their wares; think carved wooden busts, pillows decked with vintage souvenir pennants and paintings galore. With all these attributes, Brookland has its own signature feel: one of a suburban home lifestyle just a quick Red Line Metro ride away from the regular bustle of Downtown D.C., but that is not the only way to get from a to b. There are dozens of bike trails that speckle the area, as well as access to bus transit on the H1, H2, H8, G8, and 80 routes.

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